ELODENA works in wood processing industry since 2000 and specializes in making ALDER and ASPEN high quality products

We are constantly supplying materials for other manufacturers and distributors. High quality products, wide range of assortment, fast delivery times – our main focus. Our products assortment consists of many different sizes wood pieces for manufacturers and also final products for interior and saunas finishing.

A. Wall paneling boards;
B. Boards for sauna benches;
C. Many different sizes and designs interior finishing elements like: doors trims, walls skirting boards, outer/inner corner elements and etc.

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Company founded in late 2000s as pallets boards manufacturer, later changed its direction to making high quality wood-pieces.

ELODENA has started activity in 2000 in Karališkiai village, Šakiai county and continued there until 2011 when moved to Jurbarkas industry area. In the beginning, products range consisted only of pallet boards, but with constantly increasing production output, number of employees and quality of new machinery, company decided to go further and to start making time and knowledge demanding – high quality wood-pieces and planed products.

With new step taken, company began collaborations with big European finishing and sauna materials factories and started to supply sauna products for local market. Since establishment ELODENA keep working successfully and looking for new possibilities in wood market business.


ELODENA in 2017 was certified as meeting all FSC CoC requirements
Certificate No. NC-COC-029315 detailed certificate information

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) CoC (Chain of Custody) is a special type certificate in FSC certification line-up, which coordinates how manufactures have to deal with bought raw materials with FSC tag. FSC CoC certificate is a proof that company knows how to handle FSC raw and processed materials and has right to put FSC logo on their own products.

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